What Causes Sinusitis?

There are more causes of sinusitis that you may think. The most common form of the condition (acute sinusitis) usually develops as an infection in combination with another illnesses, such as a cold or the flu. When a virus, bacteria or both get into the sinuses, it results in an infection that causes inflammation. The impact of these infections varies and may last for a few weeks or persist for much longer (chronic sinusitis). Oral infections can also spread to the sinuses, resulting in either the development of acute or chronic sinusitis.

Complications can arise from acute sinusitis if the structure of the sinuses is damaged during the course of the infection. In other cases, the patient is simply more susceptible to infection due to other health conditions. If you suffer from allergies, nasal polyps, asthma, congenital abnormalities or a weakened immune system, the risk of developing chronic sinusitis is much higher than normal. Where there is no clear cause of progression from a common illness to acute/chronic sinusitis, it is important to seek a medical diagnosis to determine if there are any serious underlying conditions at play.

Congenital causes of sinusitis are often detected during childhood, which allows parents to consider treatment options that will improve the child’s quality of life. If your child is showing the symptoms of chronic sinusitis, you should consult with Dr. Greg Levitin. He will determine if there is a possible congenital factor involved, so we can provide your little one with much needed relief.

Which Treatments Work Best?

As there are numerous possible causes of sinusitis, finding relief will depend on the effectiveness of treatment. Medications should provide relief within 2-3 weeks for acute sinusitis. If the condition persists and you are experiencing severe symptoms such as headaches, pain or discomfort in the face or feeling constantly unwell, you are likely suffering from the chronic form of the illness. An experienced clinician will recommend that you pursue a treatment providing more permanent relief to avoid suffering from persistent bouts of sinusitis.

Medications can work for patients suffering from chronic sinusitis. However, repeated infections can cause further damage to the sinuses, which may result in symptoms becoming more severe with time. Addressing the underlying cause of the sinusitis early will increase the effectiveness of treatments such as a balloon sinuplasty or surgery in most cases. Dr. Greg Levitin can provide a full assessment of your needs and advise you whether a more permanent treatment option is right for you.

If you still have questions or have been recently diagnosed with chronic sinusitis, contact Dr. Greg Levitin today for an appointment. Our team is on hand to guide you through treatment options, including a balloon sinuplasty, carried out by Dr. Greg Levitin.