New York
Sinusitis Treatment

Are you looking for an experienced NYC Sinusitis Treatment doctor? Do you find that you are constantly coming down with a cold? By visiting the office Dr. Greg Levitin, you may discover that what you are actually suffering from is a condition called sinusitis or chronic sinusitis. While sinus infections normally respond well to medication, chronic sinusitis may not, and patients will experience recurrent bouts in a single year. The symptoms of the condition also vary, depending on whether the patient is facing acute or chronic sinusitis. Dr. Greg Levitin is an NYC sinusitis treatment expert and offers patients effective treatment of chronic sinusitis and relief from the condition.

Common sinusitis symptoms closely mimic the common cold and may include headaches around the eyes or temples, halitosis and/or tastes in the mouth, breathing difficulties and recurring nasal problems. Acute sinusitis describes when symptoms respond well to medication and clear up within a few weeks. When these symptoms persist and frequently return, the condition is known as chronic sinusitis. Patients suffering from chronic sinusitis should seek out an expert for their NYC chronic sinusitis treatment as the condition will have a negative impact on the overall quality of the patients life as long as the sinusitis symptoms are left untreated or if the symptoms are not treated effectively.

Sinusitis can occur after a cold; however, there are a number of potential underlying health conditions which can lead to chronic sinusitis. Dr. Greg Levitin can provide diagnosis and treatment for sinusitis that is minimally invasive and effective through a balloon sinuplasty. Dr. Levitin is known in New York for providing effective treatment and relief of chronic sinusitis and he is a foremost authority on balloon sinuplasty treatment.