New York
Sinusitis Treatment

Are you looking for an experienced NYC Sinusitis Treatment doctor? Do you find that you are constantly coming down with a cold? By visiting the office Dr. Greg Levitin, you may discover that what you are actually suffering from is a condition called sinusitis or chronic sinusitis. While sinus infections normally respond well to medication, chronic sinusitis may not, and patients will experience recurrent bouts in a single year. The symptoms of the condition also vary, depending on whether the patient is facing acute or chronic sinusitis. Dr. Greg Levitin is an NYC sinusitis treatment expert and offers patients effective treatment of chronic sinusitis and relief from the condition.

Common sinusitis symptoms closely mimic the common cold and may include headaches around the eyes or temples, halitosis and/or tastes in the mouth, breathing difficulties and recurring nasal problems. Acute sinusitis describes when symptoms respond well to medication and clear up within a few weeks. When these symptoms persist and frequently return, the condition is known as chronic sinusitis. Patients suffering from chronic sinusitis should seek out an expert for their NYC chronic sinusitis treatment as the condition will have a negative impact on the overall quality of the patients life as long as the sinusitis symptoms are left untreated or if the symptoms are not treated effectively.

Sinusitis can occur after a cold; however, there are a number of potential underlying health conditions which can lead to chronic sinusitis. Dr. Greg Levitin can provide diagnosis and treatment for sinusitis that is minimally invasive and effective through a balloon sinuplasty. Dr. Levitin is known in New York for providing effective treatment and relief of chronic sinusitis and he is a foremost authority on balloon sinuplasty treatment in New York.

Question for Dr. Levitin: What is the typical type of patient you treat for sinus issues?

For the majority of sinus patients I treat, their sinus issues are not a seasonal problem; it is usually a year-round condition and often has been going on for years. Also they are not sick- they don’t have the typical fevers, yellow discharge, or signs of infection, or have to take days off of work; but they often feel significant symptoms on a weekly or daily basis: headaches, sinus pressure, congestion, and stuffy nose.

These symptoms are typically from chronic inflammation, even just walking from indoors to outdoors with temperature changes, mild allergies, or just laying down on a pillow can result in inflammation that blocks the nose and sinuses. The main reason these symptoms occur for are due to anatomical variants- ie their sinuses did not develop with straight or open pathways, but instead, have very narrow “doorways” so that air and mucus often get trapped in critical areas, leading to pressure/headaches and congestion.

This is what I think 80% of patients with “chronic sinus” feel, but they don’t go to the doctor. They can manage to get through their day even though they often don’t feel just 80% well (and often don’t feel 100% even on a good day). When they do go in for a check up, their doctors look in their nose or throat and don’t “see” anything. However for most patients, I am able to quickly diagnose their condition via a CT scan of the sinuses and a nasal endoscopic exam, recognize their trouble areas, and offer them an office-based solution called a balloon sinuplasty. This is a sinus procedure that is done under local anesthesia, with no down time, and patients can return to work the next day. Even more it is covered by insurance, only needs to be performed one time, and results in 50-80% improvement of their symptoms- but cannot make them any worse. It’s a win-win-win for the patient; they often feel relief within the first few days after treatment, and because it can be done in the office setting, it completely avoids surgery and general anesthesia and a long recovery.

I often say that this condition is not life threatening but it is quality of life threatening, and the balloon sinuplasty gives patients their quality of life back. They breathe better, sleep better and feel better; and they are more resilient- even when they have a small cold or allergy, their body does not respond the same and stays open, clearer and they are less likely to develop an infection.

For anyone that has suffered from chronic sinusitis, headaches, pressure, or nasal obstruction, I would suggest they schedule an appointment so that I can examine them and determine if balloon sinuplasty is the right solution for their sinus problem.