Sinus and Nasal Congestion Treatment

If you have suffered from sinus congestion frequently, you will have noticed that the symptoms can go from one extreme to the other and include breathing difficulties. Regardless of how mild or severe each bout is, as far as symptoms are concerned, there is likely a common root cause. A weakened immune system, chronic sinusitis or allergies are just some of the reasons sinuses become congested. If you do not seek diagnosis and treatment, you may never gain effective relief. Most medications are largely useless against a large number of common recurring sinus problems.

Additionally, medicines that do provide some level of relief may not address all the contributing health conditions responsible for your sinus congestion. Left untreated, recurring chronic sinusitis can cause damage to the lining in the sinuses. Symptoms then become more severe, and you will begin to experience other complications such as pressure, pain in your face or tension headaches that do not respond to even the most powerful painkillers.

Medications must be fit for purpose, so it is important to seek a diagnosis to determine why your sinuses are frequently becoming congested. If there is more than one root cause, it is highly likely that Dr. Greg Levitin can provide comprehensive treatment that provides effective relief. The most important aspect of seeking a diagnosis is that you are given the opportunity to benefit from treatments and support you may need, This is regardless of whether it is provided by Dr. Levitin and his team or via a referral to another relevant specialist.

Customized Treatment Plans

Dr. Greg Levitin develops an individualized treatment plan designed to provide safe and effective relief from sinus congestion and other chronic nasal issues. Treatments include but are not limited to balloon sinuplasty, Clarifix for chronic rhinitis, turbinate reduction surgery and Vivaer nasal airway remodeling. In some cases, Dr. Greg Levitin may recommend performing a combination of treatments to address symptoms of different conditions that are affecting your health. However, at our practice, it is our goal to explore minimally invasive options in the first instance.

We understand these procedures may sound daunting. That is why Dr. Greg Levitin and his team take the time to provide patients with easy-to-understand explanations of the diagnostic process and treatments that are deemed appropriate. It is our aim to support each patient on their individual journey. If you have any misgivings about being able to attend or pay for treatment, we are more than happy to help put your mind at rest.

For an honest and understanding conversation concerning treatment for nasal congestion, contact Dr. Greg Levitin today.