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Happy young woman waking up after good sleep.

Benefits of Nasal Breathing: Sleep Better, Feel Better


Many patients come to see me and are concerned with sleep apnea. Apnea is the most extreme form of snoring which involves actual obstruction of the airway and cessation of breathing for which there are health risks. It is diagnosed by taking a sleep study and measuring the frequency and severity of the symptoms. Fortunately…

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Are Your Sinuses Causing Your Headache?


Headaches can be debilitating and have a significant impact on our daily lives. There are many potential causes of headaches, such as stress, dehydration or poor sleep, but one common culprit is sinus problems. If you frequently suffer from headaches accompanied by other symptoms like facial pain, congestion or pressure, it might be a sign…

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Girls with stuffy nose blowing nose into tissue.

What’s Really Causing Your Stuffy Nose?


Your nose was meant to help you breathe. While we certainly have our mouth as a backup, it is the primary function of your nose to inhale and exhale oxygen for your body. For many, we take this granted. There are a notable percentage of people who miss out on free nasal breathing due to…

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Young woman with sinus pressure pain.

Why You Should Expand Your Hygiene Routine to Include Nasal Cleaning


In the era of ten-step skincare routines and meticulous grooming, are you inadvertently overlooking an important step of your hygiene routine? Almost every lungful of air your body processes comes through your nasal passages, right alongside allergens, pollutants, dust and other contaminants. If you find yourself struggling with chronic congestion or difficulty breathing, upping your…

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Sinus Issues

How is a Nasal Obstruction Affecting Your Quality of Life?


When the structures of the nasal passage collapse or suffer injury, you may suffer from nasal obstructions. The degree to which an obstruction impacts your everyday activities will depend on its location and severity. For some sufferers, symptoms are not readily noticeable, as they present during sleeping hours. Even when a nasal obstruction is not…

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Tired of snoring (or someone else’s snoring)?


Snoring is a VERY common complaint for many people who don’t breathe properly when they sleep.  This results in frequent mouth breathing which is not only uncomfortable but inefficient.  While severe snoring can be associated with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), the majority of snoring is due to chronic nasal congestion or obstruction. This often results…

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Woman with nasal congestion sitting in her bed.

Top Benefits of Turbinate Reduction Surgery


Turbinates are little bony and soft tissue structures within the nose that support the nasal passages and cleanse the air as it enters the airway. Occasionally, these structures become swollen or inflamed, causing air to flow more slowly through the nose and contributing to various common sinus problems. This issue can be resolved with turbinate…

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Young woman with sinus pressure pain

Why You Should Start Nasal Rinsing


While we appreciate our nose for allowing us to smell and breathe, your nose plays another important role behind the scenes. Each time we breathe in air, the nose acts as a filtering system for our body. The mucus lining of the nose traps harmful particles such as bacteria, allergens and pollutants. Microscopic hairs inside…

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How’s Your Nasal Hygiene?


You wash your hands, you wash your face, but what about your nose? Neglecting to clean this central and highly used part of your body can invite disruptive issues that you could otherwise avoid, especially if you are prone to sinus problems and allergies. Instead of fighting against your stubborn stuffy nose on a daily…

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