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The Importance of a Second Opinion Before Your Sinus Surgery


Sinusitis refers to inflammation and infection within the sinus cavities. It can cause a host of disruptive symptoms ranging from headaches and nasal congestion to ear pain, fatigue and bad breath. When sinusitis lingers longer than 12 weeks, it is termed as chronic sinusitis. If you are someone who suffers from chronic sinusitis, you understand…

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Are You Avoiding Treatment for Your Nasal Obstruction?


The effects of an obstructed nasal passage can impact many areas of your life. You may initially notice that you have difficulty breathing out of one or both sides of your nose, which is distressing and uncomfortable. However, other factors could be reducing the quality of life for you and your loved ones. At City…

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Sinus Pain

Remove “It’s Just My Sinuses” from Your Vocabulary


If you suffer from frequent sinus infections, breathing problems or other related issues, it is time to face reality. Suffering from a health condition, whether acute or chronic, is not necessarily part of your identity. While there are many medical conditions that are incurable or do not respond well to treatment, that shouldn’t prevent you…

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Young woman with headache.

4 Ways to Relieve Sinus Pain and Pressure


Chronic sinus pain and pressure can be frustrating. It can leave you with a pounding headache or facial pain so bad that it can interfere with your activities. Often, sinus pain and pressure go away after a few days. But when you are suffering through a period where your head feels heavy and stuffed up,…

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Woman Dealing With Sinus Pressure

Are You Concerned About Fungal Sinusitis?


In the vast majority of cases, the root of sinusitis can be traced to a bacterial or viral source. However, fungal infection is also a possibility. The problem with identifying fungal sinusitis is that the condition can manifest in several ways. An allergic reaction, invasive fungal infection, or other issue can lead to long lasting…

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Are Sinus Infections Just a Natural Part of Growing Up?


If you have a child who often suffers from sinus infections, you may be tempted to think it is part of growing up. Children are considered adults in most respects at the age of 18. However, there are functions and organs in the human body, such as the brain, that are still developing until the…

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Handsome guy holds nose bridge and suffers from pain

How the Propel Sinus Stent Can Help Your Severe Sinusitis


Suffering from severe sinusitis can feel as if you have a permanent cold. Chronic sinusitis may require surgery in order for you to achieve relief from your painful symptoms. Scarring and inflammation after surgery can tamper with a successful outcome by prolonging inadequate drainage. The Propel® Sinus Stent can improve surgery outcomes to help you…

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Man With Congestion

Combined Treatments for Sinus Congestion


When you suffer from sinus congestion, symptoms can come and go like the seasons. Some bouts may cause more suffering than others but one thing is sure – there are several potential underlying causes at play. Determining what is sparking your flareups is therefore the first step toward finding the right combination of treatments. People…

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Woman Flying with Sinus Issues New York, NY

Breathe Easy on your Vacation Flights this Summer


Are you planning to fly this summer for work or vacation? If the last time you were on a plane makes you apprehensive – and the reason isn’t turbulence or masks – perhaps you are worried about sinusitis symptoms. For frequent flyers, symptoms of certain conditions seem to worsen after landing. The stuffiness, pain or…

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