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Young woman with sinus pressure pain

Why You Should Start Nasal Rinsing


While we appreciate our nose for allowing us to smell and breathe, your nose plays another important role behind the scenes. Each time we breathe in air, the nose acts as a filtering system for our body. The mucus lining of the nose traps harmful particles such as bacteria, allergens and pollutants. Microscopic hairs inside…

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Handsome guy holds nose bridge and suffers from pain

How’s Your Nasal Hygiene?


You wash your hands, you wash your face, but what about your nose? Neglecting to clean this central and highly used part of your body can invite disruptive issues that you could otherwise avoid, especially if you are prone to sinus problems and allergies. Instead of fighting against your stubborn stuffy nose on a daily…

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A woman using a nasal spray and surrounded by bottles of medicines.

Effective Treatment Options for Chronic Sinusitis


With the cooler weather, sinus issues can be aggravated, making you feel miserable. Finding the right treatment can be challenging. Symptoms can go away with rest and over-the-counter medications. If your symptoms persist, there are other options available to address the core root of your discomfort. Here are the top three effective treatment options to…

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Woman Feeling Her Nasal Airways New York, NY

Is a Nasal Obstruction Impacting Your Health?


Breathing through your nose is the healthiest way to intake oxygen. The air is moistened and warmed as it passes through the turbinates in the nasal passage; it is also better filtered to remove harmful contaminants. Nasal obstructions can make it difficult to breathe through your nose, which can result in mouth breathing that is…

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Dr. Levitin’s Response to “How Can I Stop Snoring?” Article


Missing in this article are the alternatives to traditional nasal/snoring surgery. I wished the author had done more research and interviewed an Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) practice that focuses on office-based approaches to snoring and nasal obstruction. The majority of clinical snoring is not related to moderate or severe OSA , so surgical options…

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Woman Dealing With Sinus Pressure

Is Sinusitis Impeding Your Career Choices and Lifestyle?


Sufferers of sinusitis experience a range of symptoms. While you may not think mild to moderate sinusitis is a serious problem, it could impede you in ways that are not immediately apparent. When you begin to think about life choices, sinusitis may create barriers. Certain careers and lifestyle choices involve strenuous activities. If you suffer…

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Woman with nasal congestion sitting in her bed.

Symptoms of Nasal Congestion That Can Disrupt Sleep


Getting enough rest each night is incredibly important for general health. If your nightly sleep is disrupted, it can result in several physical and mental health complications. Unfortunately, you may not even realize that daytime issues are stemming from tossing and turning at night. If you wake up feeling sluggish despite a sleep cycle that…

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Sinus Issues

Nasal Polyps: Symptoms and Treatment Options


Nasal polyps are more common than you might think, but they can cause real trouble for those experiencing sinus pain, pressure and trouble breathing. There are several ways to treat them once they’ve been identified as the cause of your symptoms. Symptoms of Nasal Polyps The symptoms of nasal polyps can sometimes mimic those of…

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