Balloon Sinuplasty Patient Testimonials

I can FINALLY breathe at 100% for the first time in decades. Thank you , Thank you, Dr. Levitin. You and your team at NY Sinusitis Treatment are world class. From the 1st visit where you were able to access my chronic sinus problems correctly ( not like my last ENT…) , to the prognosis, to the procedure and finally to aftercare and follow up Dr. Levitin was with me every step of the way and always there to answer ALL of my questions. This Sinuplasty procedure truly has now changed my quality of life!

Mark G.

Dr. Levitin was the first to accurately diagnose the issue, propose balloon sinuplasty as a permanent fix, and successfully complete the procedure. His warmth and professionalism, plus a quick and easy procedure, have been a life changer. My quality of life has improved so much.

Yumi P.

I highly recommend Dr. Levitin for the balloon sinuplasty procedure for sinusitis and migraine sufferers. In addition to a dramatic reduction in sinus infections, my recurring migraine headaches are almost entirely gone. I did not even know that the headaches that I had for 20+ years were related to my sinuses.

Christine D.

Dr. Levitin is fantastic! I was getting sinus infections three times a year – and they would last for several weeks. I wasn’t crazy about traditional sinus surgery. Dr. Levitin recommended non-surgical Balloon Sinuplasty. Now I can breathe better and my nose colds only last a few days.

Brett K.

Terrific experience with Dr. Levitin. I struggled for years with intense sinus pressure and headaches, and was generally shrugged off by other ENTs. Dr. Levitin did a more thorough examination and identified the issue – my narrow nasal passageways. We scheduled a balloon sinuplasty procedure, and I’ve been much better since. He has great bedside manner – kind, patient, confident, gives ample time for any questions.

Michael F.

Dr. Levitin always takes the time to answer my questions and is very thorough with his explanations. His patience and listening shows that he truly does care about working towards improving the quality of life for his patients and giving them the best care possible.

Zachary L.

Dr Levitin hands down changed my life for the better. I was dealing with really bad sinuses prior to visiting him. I couldn’t breathe through both my nostrils and felt completely blocked. I had no idea what was happening to me. He really made me feel at ease when he assured me he would be able to diagnose and treat my bad sinuses. After the procedure I immediately felt relief and was able to finally breath through my both sides of my nose. To anyone suffering from bad sinuses I highly recommend visiting Dr Levitin.

Anthony M.

Dr. Levitin treated me for sinus and allergy symptoms and I opted to have an in-office sinus procedure. After recovering from the procedure my life has drastically improved. I no longer have to take sinus and allergy medications daily, I don’t get sinus headaches, I don’t wake with my sinuses clogged. The biggest change is the small thing I didn’t realize I was avoiding due to my sinus and allergy issues. It feels like I can go about my life now without the drama of having to manage my sinus or allergy symptoms which are now almost completely gone.

Yeidy R.