Propel Sinus Stent

The prospect of chronic sinusitis surgery can be overwhelming for some individuals. While surgery can be effective to a degree, chronic inflammation and scarring can threaten to block sinuses in the future. The Propel® sinus stent can help maintain open sinus passages to improve surgery outcomes and relieve symptoms. These FDA-approved implants are the first and only steroid-releasing devices for maintaining surgery-created open sinus passages.

How Does the Propel Sinus Stent Work?

The Propel sinus stent works to open the sinus after surgery in order to allow adequate air circulation and mucus drainage. An anti-inflammatory medication delivered in controlled amounts helps decrease swelling and prevent scarring. The stent dissolves within 45 days after delivering this medication. The lightweight design makes it difficult to feel once it is put in place.

The Propel stent can maintain surgery outcomes to reduce the need for oral steroids or additional surgeries. According to clinical studies, patients may continue to experience symptom improvements six months after surgery. The stent can also significantly reduce polyp formation.

Ideal Candidates for the Propel Sinus Stent

Individuals over 18 years old suffering from chronic sinusitis can be ideal candidates for the Propel sinus stent. There are no clinical studies available proving the effectiveness and safety of the Propel sinus stent for pregnant or nursing females. If you are allergic to mometasone furoate or certain polymers, the stent may not be right for you. A consultation with a board-certified ear, nose and throat specialist can help determine if you are an ideal candidate. During the consultation, the surgeon can explain all the benefits and risks and answer any questions you may have.

Is the Propel Sinus Stent Right for You?

Chronic sinusitis affects the quality of life for millions of people each year. If your symptoms require surgery, you may want to consider the Propel sinus stent. This breakthrough technology can be beneficial for long-term relief once your sinus passages have been opened with surgery. Dr. Gregory Levitin specializes in chronic sinus disease and endoscopic sinus surgery. He can recommend the best treatment options for you to achieve long-term relief. Contact our office to schedule a consultation today.