Sinus Headaches

Effective treatment for sinus headaches is only possible when a contributing condition is diagnosed. This type of headache shares many of its symptoms with migraines and tension headaches, meaning that sufferers all around the United States are taking medications that are never going to provide relief. A sinus headache is most typically caused by infection or congestion of the sinuses, which can manifest as either an acute or chronic condition. The former is likely to last no more than a few weeks, and your headache will respond well to medication.

However, the latter is persistent and prone to recurrence, which is another reason why headaches are often misdiagnosed. A general practitioner may correctly ascertain that your headaches are the result of a chronic sinus problem, but won’t necessarily be able to provide effective treatment. Dr. Greg Levitin specializes in conditions such as sinusitis and allergies that affect the sinuses. He can handle both the diagnosis and treatment of such conditions using a number of techniques that reduce the recurrence of inflammation or infections.

Sinus headaches are normally experienced around the eyes, forehead, nose and cheekbones. The feeling of pain and tension in the face will become more severe with serious congestion or infection of the sinuses. Sufferers of allergies and asthma are prone to sinus headaches as a secondary complication.

Lifestyle Combined with Effective Treatment

Many doctors are content to provide in-office treatments which only address the symptoms of sinus headaches. While such treatments will provide you with substantial relief, there is a chance your sinus headaches will return with greater severity later if underlying issues are not addressed as a part of treatment. Examining the cause of congestion and infection of the sinuses is a much more effective means of providing long lasting reprieve from overall symptoms and any potential recurrence.

At the office of Dr. Greg Levitin, we like to look at the bigger picture and choose treatment options that are preventive in nature. A balloon sinuplasty is just one of the procedures that may relieve pressure on the sinuses and prevent headaches from plaguing your life. If allergies are contributing to sinus congestion or nasal infections, our team will seek to find solutions through a combination of treatments that are as minimally invasive as possible.

Non-surgical treatments from Dr. Greg Levitin are proven to result in quick recovery times and provide long lasting relief for our patients. We also place great emphasis on post treatment care to ensure that you are fully supported throughout your recovery. If you are suffering from recurring headaches and have not been able to find a satisfactory diagnosis, contact Dr. Greg Levitin to book an appointment today.