Clarifix for Chronic Rhinitis

Chronic rhinitis is persistent and normally does not respond well to medications such as nasal sprays or drops. Sufferers typically experience a runny or stuffy nose that just won’t go away, regardless of how many over-the-counter or prescribed medications that they try. Although acute rhinitis is often the result of an infection, the chronic form is caused by inflammation in the lining of the sinuses. ClariFix for chronic rhinitis is a treatment option that involves using cryotherapy to reduce the effects of inflammation and provide long lasting and effective relief.

By interrupting the pathways of nasal nerves, the triggers that produce the symptoms of a runny or stuffy nose are stopped in their tracks. This type of treatment is especially beneficial for patients who cannot take certain medications due to conflicts with other conditions or because they have suffered from adverse side effects in the past. Treatment is also quick and relatively painless when carried out by a qualified doctor.

Dr. Greg Levitin draws on his years of experience as a head and neck surgeon when using treatments that affect the nerves in the face. ClariFix for chronic rhinitis is much more effective when sinus nerves and tissues are specifically targeted to produce the most beneficial results. At the practice of Dr. Greg Levitin, you will not only benefit from his expertise but also that of his entire team. ClariFix cryotherapy is carried out in the comfort and safety of our offices, and you will be provided with instructions to follow both before and after treatment.

What is the Recovery Time from ClariFix?

If you are provided with a standard recovery time from receiving ClariFix cryotherapy by any doctor, you should seek a second opinion. With any treatment that depends on an assessment and diagnosis, recovery times will vary. Each patient will need to take different steps in order to prepare for the procedure. Dr. Greg Levitin will provide you with all the support you need before, during and after your treatment.

You are not obligated to go ahead with treatment until you are absolutely happy with Dr. Greg Levitin’s assessment and any subsequent aftercare steps required of you. Typical side effects may include pain around the treated area, dry nose, headache or bleeding. Most side effects have been reported as mild and completely diminish after no more than 3 months. If you do have any concerns post-procedure, Dr. Greg Levitin or a member of his team will be happy to provide additional support.

If you are interested in ClariFix or any of the other treatments offered by Dr. Levitin, contact our office today to book an appointment so we can fully assess your needs.