Rhinaer to Treat Chronic Rhinitis/Sinusitis

Is your runny nose treatment failing to provide adequate relief? For many chronic rhinitis or sinusitis sufferers, allergies cause the overproduction of mucus. While medications such as antihistamines can help, they may merely reduce symptoms. Other medications, such as decongestants or nasal steroid sprays, are also used to treat congestion. If a combination of medicines does not result in sufficient relief, sufferers may opt for alternative treatments.

aerin medicalTreating a runny nose or congestion with drugs is not a desirable option for every patient. In these cases, the patient may turn to a surgical procedure known as a turbinate reduction. This treatment option can help eliminate congestion, but often has little impact on chronic runny nose. An alternative treatment called Rhinaer is suitable for addressing all the symptoms of chronic rhinitis or sinusitis.

The procedure is carried out under local anesthetic by Dr. Levitin at his New York Sinusitis Treatment offices. Rhinaer is an alternative to a traditional treatment called vidian neurectomy, which involves cutting the vidian nerve. A vidian neurectomy is associated with a greater risk of side effects, such as dry eyes, headaches, nose bleeds and nasal crusting.

Treatment for a Chronic Runny Nose or Congestion

A chronic runny nose or congestion can make the sufferer’s life miserable. The symptoms make it difficult to breathe, which impacts walking, running and participating in sports. Dr. Levitin takes a comprehensive approach to treating chronic rhinitissinusitis and other conditions that produce a runny nose or congestion as symptoms.

device for treatment for a chronic runny nose or congestionThe nose and sinuses are complex structures that perform important functions. The functionality of the nose and sinuses can be affected by allergies, medical conditions, structural problems, genetic abnormalities or injury. At our New York Sinusitis Treatment offices, patients can avail of single or combination treatments to significantly reduce or eliminate symptoms.

Our goal is to help you achieve effective relief from nasal congestion or a runny nose. Identifying the cause of your symptoms is an important part of the process. Dr. Gregory Levitin has extensive experience and is a board-certified otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeon and a Fellow of the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (AAO-HNS). Every patient is provided with access to individualized treatment options. You can take the first step toward achieving permanent relief by booking a consultation today.

Rhinitis Treatment Consultation in New York

Are you struggling to find the right treatment for rhinitis or sinusitis symptoms? It is time to consider a consultation with New York Sinusitis Treatment from Dr. Gregory Levitin. A comprehensive consultation allows you to get to the root cause of your congestion or runny nose. You may be experiencing allergy symptoms that are actually the result of another primary cause.

Some patients may suffer from a number of conditions that result in chronic sinusitis. Treating these conditions as a whole is often a better approach that using several different drugs. Dr. Levitin has the experience and expertise to provide an accurate diagnosis and suitable treatment. You deserve to achieve lasting relief from your symptoms. A sinusitis consultation is the first stage of that journey. Most effective treatments are minimally invasive and result in little downtime or recovery.

Dr. Levitin will discuss your medical history and carry out a thorough examination during a one-on-one consultation at his New York Sinusitis Treatment offices. The process is designed to identify underlying issues such as allergies or structural issues that are producing sinusitis symptoms. In many cases, appropriate treatment options are offered on the same day.

If you are suffering from chronic congestion, runny nose or both, reach out to New York Sinusitis Treatment to book your consultation today.