Treatment for Fungal Sinusitis

Most commonly, sinusitis is caused by a bacterial or viral respiratory infection. Another possible cause of sinusitis is a fungal infection. Fungal sinusitis comes in a variety of forms, including allergic and invasive fungal sinusitis, which can last much longer than the bacterial or viral versions. For individuals living in NYC or Manhattan, City Sinus Care offers effective treatment for fungal sinusitis to relieve symptoms and prevent reoccurrence.

Fungal sinusitis can have similar symptoms to other forms of sinusitis, but there are some differences. The symptoms depend on the type of fungal sinusitis. Saprophytic fungus and fungus ball sinusitis may not have the common sinusitis symptoms, but patients may experience facial and sinus pain as the infection progresses. Patients with invasive and allergic fungal sinusitis can experience nasal congestion, nasal drainage, facial/sinus pain and sinus headaches. In rare acute invasive fungal sinusitis, the infection can impact the eyes and surrounding facial tissues.

Chronic Fungal Sinusitis Headache Relief

Allergic and invasive fungal sinusitis are the most common types of fungal sinusitis in the US. Allergic fungal sinusitis begins with the common allergy respiratory symptoms of sneezing, runny nose and nasal congestion. As the infection worsens, the sinuses can fill with thick mucus that causes increased sinus pressure and pain. Chronic fungal sinusitis headaches can be debilitating and do not respond to antibiotics or other medications for bacterial or viral sinusitis.

For relief from invasive or allergic fungal sinusitis, surgical treatment is needed. The sinuses need to be cleared of the fungal infection, removing the mucus and any fungal substances, through sinus surgery. Antifungal medications may also be used as part of the treatment and can help prevent a reoccurrence of fungal sinusitis infections, but they are not effective on their own.

Some rare forms of invasive fungal sinusitis can be life-threatening. If you believe you have a fungal sinusitis infection and you live in the NYC metro area, come see our experienced sinus experts at City Sinus Care. Contact our office in Manhattan to schedule a fungal sinusitis consultation with Dr. Greg Levitin to discuss treatment for fungal sinusitis.