Treatment of Sphenoid Sinusitis

The sphenoid sinuses are located further back behind the skull, above the bridge of the nose, and between the eyes. Due to its location, the sphenoid sinuses are less susceptible to infection, but they are also harder to diagnose. Sphenoid sinusitis can present with different symptoms than sinusitis in the frontal or maxillary sinuses. At City Sinus Care in Manhattan, we offer effective treatment for sphenoid sinusitis.

Sphenoid sinusitis can be caused by both bacterial and viral infections that impact the upper respiratory system. Other possible factors include a weakened immune system, tooth abscesses, nasal polyps, nasal defects and enlarged adenoids. The symptoms of sphenoid sinusitis include pain or pressure behind the eyes – the sphenoid sinuses are located near the optic nerve and can be very sensitive. Other symptoms include:

  • Headache – the top of the head may hurt
  • Watery, swollen eyes
  • Runny nose and nasal congestion
  • Neck pain
  • Post-nasal drip and sore throat
  • Teeth pain
  • Vertigo or dizziness

Diagnosis of sphenoid sinusitis requires the expertise of a sinus specialist. To accurately diagnose an infection in the sphenoid sinuses, laboratory tests and possibly CT scans may need to be performed. Dr. Greg Levitin is one of the top otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeons in the New York City area, offering advanced options for diagnosis and treatment for sphenoid sinusitis.

Sphenoid Sinus Headache Relief

Sphenoid sinusitis is most commonly caused by a bacterial infection and can respond well to antibiotics and conservative sinusitis treatments. When non-invasive treatments are not effective, surgical options can include balloon sinuplasty and other minimally invasive procedures. Due to the location of the sphenoid sinus cavity near the optic nerve and pituitary gland, minimally invasive procedures have fewer risks. Dr. Levitin at City Sinus Care can determine the best and safest treatment for sphenoid sinus headache relief, including surgical and non-surgical options.

If you have symptoms of sphenoid sinusitis, relief is available with specialized sinus infection treatment. Contact our team at City Sinus Care in Manhattan to schedule an appointment with Dr. Levitin and our team for sphenoid sinusitis treatment. We offer a wide variety of advanced, minimally invasive sinusitis treatments for relief.