What are the Symptoms of Sinusitis?

Although there are millions of confirmed sufferers of sinusitis in the United States, many people do not recognize the symptoms. Acute cases usually last no longer than a few weeks and are treatable with medication and rest. However, when the condition persists or is experienced multiple times throughout the year, a diagnosis of chronic sinusitis is more likely. Medication may not work in these cases or will only provide temporary relief until the next time the patient becomes symptomatic.

If you feel like you are constantly experiencing a runny or blocked nose, sinus headaches, fevers and are generally run down, there is a good chance you are suffering from chronic sinusitis. Medication may provide relief or not work at all. However, the fact that you constantly have to treat the symptoms of sinusitis or take steps to avoid nasal infections suggests that you need to seek long lasting relief.

The pain and discomfort from chronic sinusitis can become so severe that it impacts overall health and emotional well-being. It is therefore important to receive a confirmed diagnosis so you can make better informed choices when it comes to effective treatment. Dr. Greg Levitin can carry out a safe and effective procedure known as a balloon sinuplasty that is designed specifically to address severe sinusitis symptoms.

Severity of Symptoms

Most people will suffer from mild colds or sinus infections at some point in their life. However, when there is a defect in the nasal cavities or a condition that is leading to frequent sinus infections, the result is chronic sinusitis that won’t go away without medical intervention. Choosing the correct treatment option will require a diagnosis of the condition and identifying any health factors that are contributing to inflamed sinuses.

When symptoms of sinusitis are severe, it is normally the result of inflamed sinuses putting pressure on the rest of the face and allowing infections that do not respond to medication to frequently reoccur. A balloon sinuplasty opens up the sinuses and significantly reduces the symptoms of sinusitis. It does not require invasive surgery and is proven to result in significantly fewer sinus infections for the majority of patients.

When allergies are a contributing factor of sinusitis, there is also a greater risk of infection, and the patient suffers from more severe symptoms from both conditions. Dr. Greg Levitin can consult with you at one of his offices and provide treatment that offers a solution to frequent infections and associated symptoms.

Reach out to Dr. Greg Levitin today if you are experiencing severe symptoms from chronic sinusitis. We look forward to providing you with effective year-round relief.