Tula/Tymbion (Non-Surgical) Ear Tube Insertion for Children or Adults

Click on the link to the right to read about the recent FDA Approval: FDA approves system for the delivery of ear tubes under local anesthesia to treat ear infection

The prospect of having ear tubes placed can be stressful for children and parents. Historically, the procedure is carried out using general anesthetic agents that carry associated risks. It is, therefore, understandable that parents are apprehensive about seeking treatment for children suffering from recurrent ear infections or persistent fluid in the middle ear. The Tusker Medical iontophoresis system eliminates the need for treatment in an operating room environment and provides patients with access to non-surgical placement of ear tubes in the office.

With the Tusker iontophoresis system, needle-free local anesthesia is effectively delivered to the tympanic membrane. The technology is not only designed to reduce the risks but to make treatment a less stressful experience for the child. As one of the first providers of Tusker’s iontophoresis system, Dr. Levitin is committed to ensuring that patients receive treatment in the comfortable and familiar setting of his office. There is no other technology capable of providing young patients with an equivalent option for minimally invasive relief from persistent ear infections.

Tusker Medical Tympanostomy Tubes Specialist

We are a specialist provider of Tusker Medical tympanostomy tubes. This treatment option is suitable for both adults and children who suffer from painful ear infections. Our team values your experience and is passionate about delivering treatment options that cause the least stress possible. Dr. Levitin firmly believes that the Tusker iontophoresis system will improve treatment outcomes at our offices. If your child is one of the 750,000 patients who will need tympanostomy tube surgery this year, make Dr. Levitin your specialist provider. A low-level electrical charge to an ionic drug means that we can deliver needle-free anesthesia, saving you the costs associated with an operating room procedure.

One of the major concerns for patients suffering from recurrent ear infections is the idea of going under general anesthesia. Any procedure carried out under a general anesthetic carries risks. When a relatively simple procedure can be conducted under local anesthesia, it is Dr. Levitin’s view that patients should benefit from that option. Medical tympanostomy tubes that are placed under the Tusker iontophoresis system dispel many of the fears associated with this type of procedure. Your comfort levels are monitored at all times to ensure that treatment is a smooth and rewarding experience.

Tusker Behavioral Support

Putting children in restraints or under sedation is an unpleasant experience for parents, the patient and the doctor administering treatment. Dr. Levitin endorses the use of Tusker Medical tympanostomy tubes and the Tusker iontophoresis system due to a shared passion for improving the patient experience. Many children find the traditional operating room experience stressful and unnerving. An in-office procedure can reduce anxiety in children, helping them to relax in relative comfort. This is successfully achieved with a host of tools provided by Tusker Medical and utilized by Dr. Levitin at his offices.

Your child’s comfort is important to Dr. Levitin. With the technologies and behavioral support tools available from Tusker, we are committed to changing the experience of our young patients for the better. It is our goal to ensure that children are provided with the support they need before, during and after treatment. No child should have to go through unnecessary stress and anxiety when Tusker’s iontophoresis system is available as an in-office option. If your child is suffering from recurrent ear infections or fluid in the middle ear, it is time to speak to Dr. Levitin about this revolutionary procedure.

Contact the offices of Dr. Levitin today if you would like to learn more about the Tusker iontophoresis system. We look forward to providing you or your child with a better experience in non-surgical placement of ear tubes.