The Scents Of The Season. Can You Smell Them?

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When you think of December, what holidays do you think of?  Some common December holidays include: Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Boxing Day, and Omisoka. The foods and traditions of the holidays all emit a plethora of scents. Smells such as pine, peppermint, turkey, latkes and sufganiyot all evoke special thoughts and fond memories of holidays past.

It truly is a wonderful time of year. Are you able to fully experience the month of December through your senses? If you can’t seem to smell any of the special smells of the season, you may have one of the common causes of loss of smell. You may have rhinitis (inflammation in your nose), nasal polyps, nasal fracture and/or sinusitis or chronic sinusitis.

When you smell something, you are inhaling individual molecules that are suspended in the air. Those molecules are attached to receptors in you mucous membranes of your nose. This stimulates your nerves that are connected directly to your brain. For this reason, so much of your memories of the holidays are connected to your sense of smell.

If your sense of smell is being sacrificed this holiday season, it’s time to contact Dr. Greg Levitin. He will offer you a treatment plan that will include diagnosing the reason for your loss of smell and then he will create and implement a plan that will help clear your airways and help you breathe and smell freely once again! Call New York Sinusitis Treatment today. We wish you a very merry holiday season!

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