Take Care of Your Sinuses During Allergy Season

Young woman with sinus pressure pain.

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Many people suffer from allergies during this time of the year. Tree pollen, grass, and other allergens are in full force with the onset of spring and blooming plants, trees, and flowers everywhere. Spring is either your favorite month, or it is your least favorite month. For those with allergies, people may appreciate the beauty that spring brings, but the misery that they experience is enough to make them want to stay indoors until spring has passed by.

While allergies are a seasonal problem that people deal with, they can make those with chronic sinusitis even more miserable. Many people do not have either sinusitis or allergies – unfortunately, many people suffer from both. Dr. Levitin has the medical expertise and experience to help people identify the exact cause of their miseries. Common sinusitis symptoms closely mimic both the common cold and seasonal allergies. Symptoms include headaches, difficulty breathing, runny or stuffy nose, halitosis, and weird tastes in the mouth. People suffering from sinusitis symptoms should be evaluated to determine if they suffer from sinusitis, allergies, or a combination. There is no need to try to “muscle through” these miserable symptoms. Dr. Greg Levitin can provide diagnosis and treatment that is minimally invasive and effective.

If you are suffering from allergies right now, you need to take care of your sinuses. Using a Nettie Pot, standing in a steamy shower, using antihistamines, and avoiding allergens is the best way to treat your sinuses. Clear sinus pathways are healthy sinus pathways.

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