Is Sinusitis Impeding Your Career Choices and Lifestyle?

Woman Dealing With Sinus Pressure

Sufferers of sinusitis experience a range of symptoms. While you may not think mild to moderate sinusitis is a serious problem, it could impede you in ways that are not immediately apparent.

When you begin to think about life choices, sinusitis may create barriers. Certain careers and lifestyle choices involve strenuous activities. If you suffer from breathing problems, nasal congestion, sinus headaches, or any other symptoms associated with sinusitis, it may impact your performance.

Construction & Warehousing

Construction and warehousing are just two examples of careers that are suited to healthy employees. Heavy lifting is involved, and you will need enough stamina to get through the working day.
Sinusitis can make it difficult to breathe and to get enough oxygen to fuel your body. This may result in poor performance, making you unsuitable for the role. Seeking treatment for sinusitis is recommended to help you keep up with the pace in a challenging environment.

Sporting Activities

If you are a competitive person, struggling to breathe is not ideal. Athletes in sports involving running, jumping, or combat rely on stamina and cardio. Oxygen feeds the lungs and muscles, allowing you to compete at optimum levels.

The symptoms of sinusitis may cause you to gas out faster, which will take away your competitive edge. However, treating the condition will help you reach your true potential in your chosen athletic pursuit.


Speaking with a blocked or runny nose is difficult enough. If you are an aspiring singer or speaker, these symptoms will significantly impact your vocal range and delivery. Nasally singing is a trait that vocalists are encouraged to eliminate.

In addition to these specialized careers, sinusitis often creates a “brain fog” for many, which can slow your processing time, reflexes and more. This, too, can be remedied when the sinusitis is gone.

If your issue is caused by a health condition such as sinusitis, the only solution is to seek effective treatment. At City Sinus Care, Dr. Greg Levitin can provide solutions to ease your symptoms in New York. When you can breathe easier, you may have greater access to career and lifestyle choices.

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