If You’re Nervous About Booking Your Summer Vacation

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If you’re nervous about booking your summer vacation, New York Sinusitis Treatment understands your feelings. It’s common for people to suffer from pain during and after flying on an airplane. When flying is a physically painful experience, it makes booking a summer vacation a weighty decision. “Do I want to travel,” or “Do I want to stay home and avoid pain?”

Why You Experience Pain Associated With Flying

Air pressure when flying is the leading cause of pain when during a flight. When flying, air expands when the atmospheric pressure decreases. If your sinuses are blocked, the increased air pressure will cause you discomfort and pain. If you have infected, inflamed or congested sinuses the mucus collected in your blocked sinus cavity becomes blocked and painful.

How To Help Relieve The Pain Associated With Flying

It’s good to know that flying with sinusitis is not dangerous to your health. However, it can cause a great deal of pain. Keeping your nasal passages moist during your flight is one way to relieve the pain. The dry air and low humidity that accompany flights can hinder the flow of mucus in your sinuses. Steam, saline solution and drinking plenty of water will help prevent sinusitis while flying.

New York Sinusitis Treatment Can Help You Fly Comfortably Again

Dr. Greg Levitin, at New York Sinusitis Treatment, can help you book your summer vacation with confidence. Under his care, you will receive a comprehensive assessment, which will include diagnosis of any sinus or nasal problems that are affecting your ability to fly in comfort.

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