Frequent Runny Nose

Young woman with chronic rhinitis.

For those with a frequent runny or stuffy nose, it can seem like there will never be an end to the number of tissues you use. A runny nose is typically a bothersome symptom that occurs as a result of a cold or other viral infection and goes away within a couple of weeks. However, some people suffer from a constantly dripping nose combined with intermittent stuffiness. When a runny nose is a constant issue that you deal with, it can indicate a chronic disorder in the nose or sinuses.

If you are bothered by a frequent runny or stuffy nose, you mustn’t ignore your symptoms. While many people consider this a minor ailment, it can indicate that there is a condition present such as chronic sinusitis. This occurs when the lining in the nasal cavity or sinuses has become damaged. When the nose is constantly running or stuffy (i.e., blocked by mucus), there is an increased risk of sinusitis infection.

Sinus infections can easily be treated as single occurrences. However, repeated sinus infections can cause symptoms to become more severe in nature with each recurring infection. Sleep disruption or deprivation can cause fatigue during the day, and a fatigued body is much more susceptible to illness. Someone who experiences more than three sinus infections within a year or who suffers from a frequent runny or stuffy nose needs to be evaluated.

Dr. Greg Levin, with New York Sinusitis Treatment, is an expert in sinusitis treatment. After a comprehensive exam and consultation, your treatment can begin right away. Being able to breathe correctly and function fully throughout the day are necessities for a comfortable life. If you are suffering from the constant bother of a runny nose or a stuffy nose, please contact one of our New York offices today. It is the goal at New York Sinusitis Treatment that you recover quickly from what ails you so that you can enjoy your life. Contact us today.

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