Are You Concerned About Fungal Sinusitis?

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In the vast majority of cases, the root of sinusitis can be traced to a bacterial or viral source. However, fungal infection is also a possibility. The problem with identifying fungal sinusitis is that the condition can manifest in several ways.

An allergic reaction, invasive fungal infection, or other issue can lead to long lasting symptoms that are uncomfortable and cause sickness. When symptoms persist beyond a week or two, you may be dealing with a chronic condition. To maintain optimum health, you can turn to City Sinus Care in New York.

Fungal Sinusitis Symptoms

Sufferers of fungal sinusitis often report with symptoms that closely mimic other types of sinusitis. Identifying the key differentials can help you access the treatment you need to find lasting relief. A fungal sinusitis infection is typically accompanied by facial sinus pain, congestion, nasal dripping and sinus headaches.

In many cases, the eyes are affected by fungal sinusitis, which includes pain around the eyes and a condition known as ophthalmoplegia, which is paralysis of ocular muscles. A specialist can identify these symptoms and determine the likelihood of fungal sinusitis as the cause.

Chronic Fungal Sinusitis

Allergic and invasive are the two types of fungal sinusitis that impact sufferers in America. The former presents with typical allergy symptoms impacting respiratory functions. Sneezing, congestion and a runny nose are common symptoms. Both conditions can result in headaches, poor nasal congestion and pain around the sinuses.

Surgical intervention is appropriate for relieving the symptoms of invasive or allergic fungal sinusitis. Clearing the infection is the first step toward finding relief. This involves removing any contaminated mucus. Treatment may also involve the use antifungal medications that can help eliminate remaining infection and prevent the infection from recurring.

In a worse-case scenario, fungal sinusitis can lead to death. No matter what your sinusitis symptoms, seek a professional opinion for peace-of-mind. At City Sinus Care, we value your quality of life and want to provide effective treatments for fungal sinusitis.

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