Are Sinus Infections Just a Natural Part of Growing Up?


If you have a child who often suffers from sinus infections, you may be tempted to think it is part of growing up. Children are considered adults in most respects at the age of 18. However, there are functions and organs in the human body, such as the brain, that are still developing until the age of 25.

With that said, assuming a child is simply underdeveloped when he or she suffers frequent infections is not medically sound. Sinus infections are triggered in combination with a range of health issues, most notably a cold or flu. Susceptibility to sinusitis is a concern which should be brought to the attention of a specialist.

Sinusitis Complications

As with most chronic medical conditions, sinusitis can lead to complications. For instance, the structure of the sinuses can suffer damage due to repeat infections. Function is impacted which, in turn, can lead to further complications for the sufferer.

Helping your child avoid the detrimental impacts of chronic sinusitis is possible with the right treatment. Early intervention strategies are available from Dr. Greg Levitin at his New York offices. Treatment plans are designed to improve quality of life, as well as identifying potential underlying health issues.

Sinusitis Treatment

When approaching sinusitis treatment, it helps to understand the efficacy of any given approach. Medications should bear results in 2-3 weeks when administered for acute sinusitis. If after this period your child is still experiencing symptoms, or new symptoms such as headaches or pain in the face have developed, Dr. Levitin will create a treatment plan aimed at addressing chronic sinusitis.

Every child has a different journey with sinusitis. For some, bouts of infection are seemingly relentless, whereas for others, infections are frequent enough to still have a significant impact on quality of life.

The first step toward getting your child the relief that he or she deserves is a consultation with Dr. Levitin. This appointment will allow doctor and patient to identify key symptoms and any relevant underlying health problems.

Call the offices of Dr. Greg Levitin today if you have concerns about the health of your child’s sinuses.

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