Difficulty Breathing Through Your Nose

If you have experienced difficulty breathing through your nose since birth or sporadic breathing difficulties which persist for long periods of time, there are effective treatments available. Sinusitis or chronic nasal problems do not respond well to medication and will likely lead to more severe symptoms developing over time. Repeated infections and inflammation of the sinuses cause damage to soft tissues, which in turn results in tension headaches, swelling of the face and general ill health.

There are a number of possible structural causes of restricted airflow through the nose. These causes may include congenital abnormalities, collapse of the nasal cavities or other structures and damage resulting from blunt force trauma to the nose or face. Dr. Greg Levitin is an accomplished otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeon, who has the skills and experience to diagnose the root causes of breathing difficulties and deliver effective treatments.

With offices in New York, Dr. Greg Levitin aims to provide patients from all across the northeast with safe and long-lasting solutions for a number of conditions which affect the head and neck. As a part of his work, he is often consulted by his peers on complex conditions that cause breathing complications for patients.

Surgical & Non-Surgical Treatment Options

All too often, patients are steered toward surgery as the first option for addressing breathing issues related to chronic nasal problems. However, Dr. Greg Levitin is committed to exploring non-invasive treatment options first. A balloon sinuplasty is a procedure which opens up the nasal cavities, allowing better airflow through the nose. If surgical intervention is the most suitable option, Dr. Levitin will draw on his years of experience in performing endoscopic sinus surgery to provide long-lasting relief.

All treatments are based on a full consultation with Dr. Greg Levitin at one of his fully equipped offices. Our team believes every patient should be able to enjoy convenient treatment, which is why we take the time to discuss choosing the right center for you before booking an appointment with Dr. Levitin. Patients who receive a balloon sinuplasty treatment can expect to recover and get back to normal life within a week in most cases.

Dr. Levitin will discuss recovery from surgery in greater detail with you after your initial consultation. Our team will also provide education on post treatment care, including recommendations on lifestyle changes which may result in further improvements when breathing through your nose.

For problems breathing through your nose and other nasal health issues, contact the office of Dr. Greg Levitin, and speak to a representative today.