Why Do You Get A Cold When The Season Changes To Fall?

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Does it seem like every fall when the temperatures and the surroundings begin to change, you suddenly change from being perfectly healthy, to perfectly miserable? You are not alone in this struggle, the biggest jump in human rhinovirus infections happens in the fall.

A recent article published in the spring by Time.com suggests that, “In both spring and fall, seasonal allergies can increase a person’s vulnerability to infections, says Dr. Bradley Chipps, president of the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology.” He goes on to explain that your immune system is “preoccupied dealing with your allergies, it has fewer resources available to defend you from illness-causing intruders.” You can read more about it here.

If you have more than a common cold or seasonal allergy you may be suffering from a frequent runny/stuffy nose. This condition is called chronic sinusitis. However, it’s difficult to determine if you just have a perpetual cold or allergies, or something more serious. If you think you have chronic sinusitis it will most often be accompanied by other symptoms that include pressure and pain in your face, sinus headaches or unexplained halitosis.

If you have frequent runny or stuffy nose symptoms there is hope for you. Dr. Greg Levitin offers relief for your difficulty breathing with balloon sinuplasty or endoscopic sinus surgery. Book your appointment with Dr. Greg Levitin today for fast and effective relief through the use of his safe procedures and techniques.

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