Why Allergies Make You Suffer

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Allergy season has not gotten the attention it typically gets this year due to COVID-19 and the mayhem that has resulted from it. Yet, just because it’s not in the news does not mean that people are not suffering. While spring is a beautiful time of year when plants green up and flowers are in full bloom almost everywhere you look, spring is also a miserable season for millions of people.

Most springtime allergies are the result of pollen and can make it difficult to breathe. Without pollen, plants cannot reproduce; thus, it is necessary for the circle of life. However, just because something is a necessity in one area, does not keep it from wreaking havoc in other areas.

The male parts of flowers release minuscule pollen particles, which are meant to fertilize the female ovule. Plants rely on wind, insects, and other animals to transport pollen. This is a significant advantage to farmers, but it’s not so lovely for those suffering from pollen allergies. Because of how pollen is carried, it seems to be everywhere. Pollen coats car windshields, sidewalks, furniture, and it is what people breathe into their noses and lungs that make them suffer.

When people say they suffer from allergies, what they really mean is that they suffer an allergic reaction when exposed to pollen particles. Allergy sufferers experience this reaction because their immune systems falsely believe pollen is dangerous. In an attempt to fight off the “foreign invader,” the immune system releases a chemical known as histamine to attack the pollen particles. The traditional allergy symptoms that most people experience are itchy eyes, watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, inflammation, coughing, mucous, headaches, and asthma.

Where you live has a huge impact on how your allergies will affect you. If you cannot move, you must learn to deal with allergies. At New York Sinusitis Treatment, we are here to help allergy sufferers. When allergy season starts, taking care of your sinuses is the best way to survive the season without being miserable. If you are suffering, please contact our practice to set up a Telemedicine appointment with Dr. Greg Levitin.

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