Tired of snoring (or someone else’s snoring)?

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Snoring is a VERY common complaint for many people who don’t breathe properly when they sleep.  This results in frequent mouth breathing which is not only uncomfortable but inefficient.  While severe snoring can be associated with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), the majority of snoring is due to chronic nasal congestion or obstruction. This often results from narrowed nasal passages due to a combination of nasal congestion (or turbinate hypertrophy) and/or deviated septum, resulting in loud snoring or noisy breathing throughout the night.  Not only does this cause poor sleep for the patient, but this can also interrupt the sleep of our bed partners as well.

The goal of better sleeping is simply better breathing!  At City Sinus Care, we have developed a non-surgical approach to treat our patients to relieve them of nasal obstruction *without* traditional nasal surgery.  In fact, more than 90% of patients treated at City Sinus Care never return for surgery!

Come in today and see how we can help relieve you of your nasal complaints, help you breathe better, sleep better  and ultimately FEEL better!

Posted on behalf of Dr. Gregory Levitin, New York Sinusitis Treatment

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