The Shape Of Your Nasal Airway

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Shape: noun

  1. the external form or appearance characteristic of someone or something; the outline of an area or figure
  2. the particular condition or state of someone or something

The Form Of Your Nasal Airway

Your nasal cavity is divided into two halves by your nasal septum. Your vestibule is the entrance to each of your nostrils and is covered by skin with hair. These are the narrowest portions of your nostril. The floor of the cavity is parallel to your hard palate and goes in a horizontal direction. The roof of your nose is tent shaped. Your septum supports the dorsum of your nose, while your lateral wall’s three projecting shelves of bone known as turbinates. The meatus portion of your nose is vital for the function of your nose. Most of your sinuses open into this area. This area is the region that things often can interfere with ventilation and mucociliary clearance in your sinuses.

The Condition Of Your Nasal Airway

The form of your nasal airway is vital to determining its condition. Your nasal airway was designed to help you breathe freely, but when something goes wrong with it, it can cause many problems. Obstructions in this area can affect the quality of your breathing. This can affect your daily activities and your nighttime sleeping. The obstructions in this area can lead to infection or create more damage to other areas of your nose. Sinusitis is just one of the many painful conditions that can occur.

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