How’s Your Nasal Hygiene?

Handsome guy holds nose bridge and suffers from pain

You wash your hands, you wash your face, but what about your nose? Neglecting to clean this central and highly used part of your body can invite disruptive issues that you could otherwise avoid, especially if you are prone to sinus problems and allergies. Instead of fighting against your stubborn stuffy nose on a daily basis, we encourage you to take a preventative approach with some very simple nasal hygiene strategies.

Did you know that your nose does more than help you smell and breathe? Every day we breathe in and out billions of air molecules, some healthy and some not so much, such as dust and allergens. When one of these unhealthy contaminants enters the nose and airway, our nose acts as a biologic filter to trap and remove these airborne particles and prevent them from getting into the deeper part of the airways where they can cause further damage and inflammation. Depending on where you work and live, this can be a bigger job for some noses compared to others. Still, it is a relentless but very important service that your nose does for you 24 hours per day.

Doing your part to support this defensive mechanism of your nose is critical. The protective mucus lining of the respiratory walls requires daily hydration and replenishment. That is why a regimen of hydration and saline rinses can help optimize our natural nasal filtering system, ensuring that your airways stay clean, healthy and maintain a strong defense against daily respiratory pathogens. Beyond keeping your body hydrated, City Sinus Care recommends a regimen of twice daily saline rinses for your nose to help prevent unwanted sinus issues.

If you have been suffering from chronic nasal obstruction, difficulty breathing/snoring, or sinus congestion, come see us today and let us help you start breathing better and feeling better!

Posted on behalf of Dr. Gregory Levitin, New York Sinusitis Treatment

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