How To Properly Blow Your Nose

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If you suffer from a frequent runny or stuffy nose, you most likely have a tissue box by you most of the time. If you don’t have a tissue box, you surely carry a little portable collection of the soft mucus collectors that rescue you from the embarrassment of your frequent runny nose.

All of those tissues mean one thing: you’re blowing your nose a lot! A runny/stuffy nose can be a sign that you are suffering from a condition called chronic sinusitis. If you have a runny/stuffy nose, pressure, and pain in your face, sinus headaches or unexplained halitosis, it’s important to book an appointment with Dr. Greg Levitin at New York Sinusitis Treatment. After your comprehensive examination and consultation, he can begin treatment right away.

In the meantime, you will need to pay careful attention to how you are blowing your nose. According to WebMD, the best way to blow your nose is to “press a finger over one nostril while you blow gently to clear the other.” They also warn against blowing too hard because the pressure can carry germ-carrying phlegm back into your ear passage and cause an earache.  It’s also important to avoid “sniffling mucus back into your head.”

If you have a frequent runny or stuffy nose, contact Dr. Greg Levitin to book an appointment. He offers a variety of treatment options for this issue. He offers balloon sinuplasty, endoscopic sinus surgery or other interventional treatment options for your particular circumstances. Call New York Sinusitis Treatment today.

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