How to Achieve Long Lasting Relief with NeuroMark for Chronic Rhinitis

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Is a runny nose or constant sneezing making you feel miserable on a daily basis? Trying to find an effective treatment option can be a frustrating challenge. The revolutionary new NeuroMark™ system for chronic rhinitis is now available to safely treat your symptoms. Here is everything you need to know on how you can achieve long-lasting relief with NeuroMark for chronic rhinitis.

Symptoms of Chronic Rhinitis

Chronic rhinitis can develop from infections, sinus growths and constant exposure to allergens. Common symptoms can include inflammation, pain, difficulty breathing and nasal drainage. You may experience a reduced sense of taste or smell. Other signs you may notice are a headache, ear pain, fatigue, bad breath and a sore throat. After an accurate diagnosis, a medical specialist can determine if you are an ideal candidate for NeuroMark for chronic rhinitis to treat your symptoms.

Benefits of NeuroMark for Chronic Rhinitis

NeuroMark for chronic rhinitis can deliver a wide range of benefits to achieve long-lasting relief. Many other treatment options can create unwanted side effects with temporary relief of your symptoms. The innovative in-office procedure safely uses radio frequency signals to minimize inflammation in your nasal cavities. A single probe in the nasal cavity is used to disrupt the signals from the parasympathetic nerve to reduce drainage and inflammation.

The minimally invasive procedure takes a few minutes with minimal downtime and discomfort and no need for anesthesia. The majority of individuals experience immediate relief with no discomfort afterward. You can use over-the-counter pain medication to treat any discomfort you may feel. If you are taking other medications for your symptoms, this FDA-cleared treatment can boost overall effectiveness so your nose stays clear on a long-term basis.

Request a NeuroMark for Chronic Rhinitis Consultation

Are you struggling to obtain long-lasting relief from your stuffy nose? NeuroMark for chronic rhinitis may be an ideal solution for you. New York Sinusitis Treatment specializes in personalized treatment plans for a wide range of sinus conditions. For over 20 years, board-certified surgeon Dr. Gregory Levitin has helped numerous clients throughout New York City breathe and feel better. Get long-lasting relief today by calling to request a consultation.

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