How is a Nasal Obstruction Affecting Your Quality of Life?

Sinus Issues

When the structures of the nasal passage collapse or suffer injury, you may suffer from nasal obstructions. The degree to which an obstruction impacts your everyday activities will depend on its location and severity. For some sufferers, symptoms are not readily noticeable, as they present during sleeping hours.

Even when a nasal obstruction is not apparent, it can be difficult to identify some of the ways your life is impacted. Partners or family members may also play a role in identifying symptoms that are not detectable during the day.

Breathing Problems

It is generally healthier to breathe through the nose, rather than the mouth. Your nasal passages are designed to filter out dust and other pathogens. When you are suffering from a nasal obstruction, breathing through the mouth will likely become an involuntary action.

Breathing through the mouth is not as effective. Sufferers of nasal obstructions may find walking, running or other strenuous activities difficult to complete. Becoming out of breath or tiring more easily than usual is a good indication of poor airflow.

Sleep Deprivation/Disruption

Nasal obstructions make sleep difficult or impossible for some sufferers. Symptoms such as snoring, teeth grinding and dry mouth are often associated with a blockage in the nasal passage. Constantly waking up or otherwise poor quality of sleep will result in a lack of concentration and increased fatigue.

Your partner or a family member may report loud snoring which deepens during the night. There is also a risk of exacerbated symptoms of sleep apnea when the nasal passage is impeded. If you experience nasal congestion in the morning, the natural filtering process has likely been impacted by an obstruction.

Nasal Passage Remodeling

One of the most effective ways to improve breathing and quality of life is nasal remodeling. At New York Sinusitis Treatment, we can use VivAer® nasal airway remodeling to create better airflow. This minimally invasive treatment results in little to no downtime, allowing patients to return to everyday activities quickly.

If you would like to explore all our options for nasal obstruction repair, call New York Sinusitis Treatment today.

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