ClariFix® Could Be Your Solution to Relieving Chronic Rhinitis

Young woman with sinus pressure pain.

Over 24 million Americans suffer from chronic rhinitis, a frequent nose inflammation that persists for four consecutive weeks or more. Symptoms include nasal congestion, a runny nose, postnasal drip (throat mucus), sneezing, nasal itching and difficulty sleeping.

The condition’s cause is unestablished, but the reason is known to be hyper-responsive nasal nerves. As a result, the nerves release more signals than necessary, prompting the nose to behave like it fights off infection and causing the nasal linings to become inflamed.

Chronic Rhinitis Complications and Remedies

Chronic rhinitis can eventually cause other health complications like sinusitis, nasal polyps and middle ear infections. Therefore, it is not something to ignore.

Yet, many over-the-counter medication options like nasal sprays, pills and allergy shots do not offer a lasting solution and can even cause side effects like nose bleeds, dry throat and headaches.

Fortunately, the innovative treatment ClariFix® can relieve the irritating symptoms of chronic rhinitis for good without adverse side effects. At New York Sinusitis, we provide the ClariFix treatment for those seeking a long-lasting solution.

What is the Clarifix Treatment and How Does it Work?

ClariFix uses cryotherapy (localized freezing) to reduce the effects of inflammation, providing effective relief. It is a safe, clinically-proven, FDA-approved and minimally invasive procedure that involves a cooling probe to freeze the inflamed tissue in the back of the nose.

Cryotherapy interrupts the pathways of nasal nerves, stopping the triggers that initiate the symptoms of rhinitis in their tracks. ClariFix ends the torture of a constant stuffy and runny nose with a single treatment. Furthermore, you can resume your daily routine within 24 hours.

 What is the ClariFix Procedure?

The ClariFix treatment is a quick and painless in-office procedure. There might be mild discomfort only, with some describing the sensation as a slight pressure and cooling in the nose and sometimes around the molars.

Dr. Greg Levitin uses the endoscope’s camera to find the inflamed area caused by the improperly functioning nerves. Then, he directs the end of the ClariFix probe to the site and delivers the cryotherapy to those nerves. Within minutes, the treatment is over, making it ideal for people on tight schedules.

Scheduling Your ClariFix Treatment Today to Find Relief from Chronic Rhinitis

ClariFix could help you finally live a life free of tissues and a leaky nose. To learn more about the procedure or the other treatments offered by Dr. Levitin, contact our office today. Please schedule an appointment so that you can find relief from chronic rhinitis as soon as possible.

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