Breathe Easy on your Vacation Flights this Summer

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Are you planning to fly this summer for work or vacation? If the last time you were on a plane makes you apprehensive – and the reason isn’t turbulence or masks – perhaps you are worried about sinusitis symptoms.

For frequent flyers, symptoms of certain conditions seem to worsen after landing. The stuffiness, pain or discomfort you feel is not imaginary. High-altitude flight can actually impact sinus health. This is mainly due to the change in air pressure, but there are other possible causes of increased infection from flying.

Pressure Headaches

Pressure headaches can cause further damage to the structures of the sinuses. This risk of suffering this type of headache is increased due to air pressure which, in turn, increases the likelihood of damage to the sinuses.

Poor Air Quality

The air inside a plane is recycled and is often the source of infections and blockages. For sufferers of sinusitis, that can mean an unpleasant time after each flight. Whether you are flying for work or leisure, dealing with painful and uncomfortable symptoms is unpleasant.

Relief from Sinusitis

The good news is relief is available with treatment from City Sinus Care. Dr. Greg Levitin is a board-certified otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeon and a fellow of the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (AAO-HNS). At his New York offices, he has created individualized treatment plans for patients dealing with a range of breathing-related difficulties.

A balloon sinuplasty may provide you with the relief needed to fly in comfort. Dr. Levitin is currently offering virtual consultation, which will allow you to discuss your symptoms and struggles in greater detail.

Call our New York offices today if you have a trip planned and are worried about a sinusitis flare-up. We look forward to helping you have a more pleasant flying experience the next time you travel.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Gregory Levitin, New York Sinusitis Treatment

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