Benefits of Nasal Breathing: Sleep Better, Feel Better

Happy young woman waking up after good sleep.

Many patients come to see me and are concerned with sleep apnea. Apnea is the most extreme form of snoring which involves actual obstruction of the airway and cessation of breathing for which there are health risks. It is diagnosed by taking a sleep study and measuring the frequency and severity of the symptoms.

Fortunately the majority of patients I see complain of snoring but not apea, and are simply looking to sleep better and feel better. Recently I have met many patients who have read “Breath” by James Nestor that in essence highlights the importance of improved nasal breathing and the health risks associated with chronic mouth breathing.

At City Sinus Care, our entire treatment model is focused on improving nasal airflow beginning from the tip of the nose to the back of the nose. For too long, patients who don’t breathe well or sleep well have ignored or dismissed this as just “bad luck” or a bad night’s sleep, but in fact, this is often due to anatomical changes to the nose that can be changed with simple office-based procedures that avoid surgery.

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Posted on behalf of Dr. Gregory Levitin, New York Sinusitis Treatment

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