Are You Avoiding Treatment for Your Nasal Obstruction?

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The effects of an obstructed nasal passage can impact many areas of your life. You may initially notice that you have difficulty breathing out of one or both sides of your nose, which is distressing and uncomfortable. However, other factors could be reducing the quality of life for you and your loved ones.

At City Sinus Care, many New Yorkers say that they avoided treatment for nasal obstruction, believing that treatment will require painful surgery with a long recovery time. Commitments to home and family, or a restrictive work schedule, could limit the time you have to recuperate. We believe that clear breathing is critical to your overall health and quality of life, so book a consultation today.

The Risks of an Untreated Nasal Obstruction

If there is insufficient airflow through the nostrils, you may unconsciously start breathing through your mouth. This can lead to a myriad of detrimental effects to general health. Holding the mouth open prevents saliva build up, leading to a dry feeling in the mouth. An arid oral cavity increases your risk of developing gum disease and gingivitis. The teeth are more likely to develop cavities and you could have persistent bad breath.

You may also experience “cold” symptoms more frequently than usual. A sore throat is the most commonly reported symptom. Continued mouth breathing alters the facial structure, leading to undefined cheekbones and a weak chin. The action of inhaling through the mouth is considered unattractive and off putting, potentially limiting your career and romantic life.

Constricted nostrils will impact your quality of rest, as you may struggle to maintain a deep, refreshing sleep. This impacts your family and loved ones, as constant snoring guarantees a disturbed night’s rest for the whole household.

Seek a Non-Surgical Resolution

At City Sinus Care, we understand the trepidation you feel about undergoing surgery for nasal blockage. We offer a revolutionary treatment with Vivaer Nasal Airway Remodeling. This procedure is minimally invasive and preformed entirely on-site.

You will require nothing more than a general anesthetic. There is no need to schedule time off from your busy life, as the entire process takes no more than 20 minutes, with no recovery period needed.

Don’t continue to suffer unnecessarily, contact City Sinus Care, New York, today.

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