Are You Afraid To Take A Trip Due To Painful Sinuses While Flying?

Woman Flying with Sinus Issues New York, NY

According to U.S. News Travel, Hawaii is the best winter vacation destination. Rome, Jackson Hole and the U.S. Virgin Islands also topped the list of 20 Best Winter Vacations. Let’s not forget all the incredible ski destinations whose slopes may be calling your name this winter. It’s a great time to travel, and there’s a whole world filled with incredible options as well! Will you be going this winter?

If your sinus pain during air flight is holding you back from taking the winter trip of your dreams, Dr. Greg Levitin can help you get treatment and relief so you can fly comfortably again. His first step will be to diagnose why you experience pain during or after your previous flights. He may also explore your medical history to discover the cause of your pain.

When you fly, the air pressure in your sinuses and middle ear must equilibrate with the pressure in the cabin of the plane. These changes happen during ascent and descent. If you have an infection or other sinus condition you may have a blockage in your Eustachian tubes or in your sinus openings. This blockage can restrict the flow of air, which can prevent the equalization, or equilibration of pressure. This can be the cause of your pain.

After diagnosing why you have pain during air flight, Dr. Levitin will recommend a treatment option such as medications, a balloon sinuplasty, or endoscopic sinus surgery.

Dr. Levitin, at New York Sinusitis Treatment, is available to help you so you can enjoy the winter travels you’ve been dreaming about for a long time. Don’t let your sinus pain hold you back from exploring all that this world has to offer.

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