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Severe allergies are one of the most common causes of recurring sinus infections. With the arrival of the fall season in New York, there comes with it the arrival of a new set of potential things that can cause your allergies to flare up and a sinus infection to occur. For a daily allergy forecast for New York City, you can go to to see the levels of grass pollen, ragweed pollen, tree pollen, dust and dander.

The fall season can be especially difficult for you if you are allergic to mold or ragweed pollen. Fall also ushers in hay fever and common school allergens. Raking the fall leaves that have fallen can agitate pollen and mold into the air as well. For days that are considered “Indian summer” the warm temperatures make a breeding ground for mold spores to be released and disrupted with the humidity, or on windy and dry days.

One way to help combat the fall allergens is to wear a NIOSH rated N95 mask. These can help keep the pollen in the air out of your nose and mouth while doing outdoor chores such as raking, mowing and gardening.

If you suffer from recurring sinus infections in New York City, it’s important to see Dr. Levitin at New York Sinusitis Treatment for a comprehensive assessment to determine if allergies or other medical history or congenital factors are contributing to them. Call our office for a free consultation and let us help you enjoy the beauty of fall without the recurrence of your sinus infections.

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